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Steph & Tony Spano

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I joined Scentsy in 2010 simply as a hobby because I enjoyed the quality and the different scent options so much. I never would have imagined myself running a business.

We moved to Arizona from Oklahoma in 2015. During that transition, I allowed my account to go inactive. In 2017 I ordered Scentsy from a local consultant here in Arizona thanks to locating me a consultant near me. After a few months of being a customer again, I decided to re-instate my account. Today I work my Scentsy business as my full time job - yep, I left the 9-5 Corporate world to be my own boss. I am a wife, mom, and business owner. Being busy only opened doors for me, because I am able to say that I successfully run my business using social media and be a coach to my team members even from a far. Sharing my passion and my fun shenanigans is what I do best!

I found that the key to any success is to be authentically YOU. That’s right - no magic formula, no silly marketing ploy, just be yourself. Authenticity is what drives us and what makes us come alive via social media. It’s nice finding common ground and knowing that being myself is how I now build relationships. It’s authentic, and those are the relationships that last the longest.

So, come along with us and our journey! Our FB group is where all the shenanigans happen and our team group is where all of the inspiration happens. I have to say .... for me, Scentsy used to be just a product. Now, Scentsy is my passion and my second family. I have fantastic relationships with people across the country just because of this company I joined. We earned an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Marco Island and have attended 4 Scentsy events including 2 World Tours and 2 Scentsy Family Reunions. I get to have fun and carve out a little space out there that is authentically ME. I get to experience all of this because I made one choice. A choice to join an amazingly caring and genuine company; Scentsy. My husband and best friend, Anthony (Tony) is my business co-partner! His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I couldn’t imagine being on this journey with out him.

We currently lead a team of team members across the country and able to sponsor team members across the globe - including Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and more! So no matter where you might call home, you are family to us!

Until we see you again, Dream Big!
-Stephanie & Tony Spano

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